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Snapshots of one family's obsession with food.
Little sister’s home baked bread

Little sister’s home baked bread

Christmas (2)

Christmas lunch isn’t Christmas lunch without mamma’s homemade tortellini in brodo. This year we went for a more pared down, simple lunch: roast turkey and roast pork and a variety of salads, some sourced from our own gardens.

Christmas lunch with the family (1)

I know Christmas was ages ago…… Here we are getting ready for lunch at little sister’s house. Prosciutto, a heavenly cheese selection, Prosecco or Pimm’s. Although the weather report didn’t augur well, it ended up being a sunny day so we were able to eat outside.

Alberto’s birthday falls not long before Christmas so this is not the first time that we eat mince pies on this occasion. Never a bad time to eat a fruit mince pie, I say. Lots of yummy things to eat for an afternoon gathering: cheeses and prosciutto to start, followed by freshly fried cinamon donuts, mince pies, and then a tropical inspired mango and passionfruit pavlova as the birthday cake. Oh so lusciously yummy.

Little sister’s jam tart

Little sister’s jam tart

Getting ready for champagne cocktails

Getting ready for champagne cocktails

Easter (set 3)

To finish off the delicious lunch, there was of course the traditional Italian Colomba (Easter dove cake), but there were also lots of other more tempting treats. My brother’s wife is the creme caramel maker extraordinaire in the family. She manages to get the consistency perfect every time. No bubbles, just velvety goodness. She keeps alive the memory of her grandmother by making her fruit cake on these family occasions. My niece had fun decorating the chocolate cup cakes she made and I made a frangipane tart with figs from mamma’s garden.

I should also mention my nephew. He took a lot of these photos. Need I say, I think he is pretty good.

Easter (set 2)

Easter (set 1)

Having saved these drafts at the time, I have neglected posting them so they are now frightfully out of season. My main blog, tiziana regina has kept me busy but that is no excuse…

Easter Sunday lunch this year was hosted by my brother and his adorable wife. They have a spectacular outdoor area - perfect for entertaining. We were lucky to have perfect weather - neither too hot nor cold as we had lunch on a long, beautifully set table. 

(More to come…)

Papa’s birthday high tea (2)